By moving on to register a vendor account, you agree to these terms and conditions, and accept to be legally bound by them. These terms will be reviewed/ updated periodically to reflect the direction of the company in a constantly changing environment. 



Vendors must be located in Winnipeg (MB), Canada.


Afriket will gain a 15% commission on all sales pertaining to products. This means for each individual purchase of a product by a customer using the Afriket platform, 15% of the selling price will be taken by Afriket.


At Afriket, we pride ourselves on our values of integrity, credibility and excellence, in the delivery of our services. We live by these values and implement them as a guiding principle in our decision making process. Therefore all product descriptions and images should be reflective of their realities, that is their current state and condition.

Product Creation

Vendors are responsible for the creation of products at the Afriket Marketplace. Product images and content descriptions are expected to meet Afriket standards. Once a product is created, the Afriket Team will review and quality check the products. The products go live (are published) once it has been certified to meet all requirements.

Image Guidelines

  • You may upload up to 5 images for each product in either JPEG or PNG  format.
  • Maximum file size for each single image should not exceed 1MB.
  • The product cover image will be the main product image hence should be the front view of the product.
  • Watermarked images are prohibited.
  • Product image background should always be white.

NB: All products will be automatically saved as “pending” till approved by the Afriket Team. Till then, if you try to view the product by clicking the view link, you will be met with a ‘404 page not found’ page. However, you will still be able to view/edit the product details by clicking on edit.

  • Store banner and profile images are different from product images. However, the use of watermarked images for any, is also prohibited.

Packaging and Delivery

Afriket will handle the packaging and delivery of the products to the customer. Once an order is placed, you will be notified by email. You may log in to your vendor dashboard and view the full details of the order by clicking on the ‘Orders’ link on your vendor dashboard. Afriket will have to receive all items/ products within two business days (48 hours) after placement of order. Failure to do so will result in penalties.

Promotions and Discounts

Afriket offers the possibility for vendors to set up promotional campaigns and coupon creations. However, vendors should keep in mind that the discounts provided is based on the original selling price of the product. Afriket will obtain commission on the new/discounted selling price.

PayPal & Payments

Afriket uses PayPal for all of its electronic transactions including making payment. Thus, vendors will be required to setup a PayPal account (if not already) prior to registering as a vendor.

Payments will be sent out at most, bi-weekly or once a withdrawal request is submitted by the vendor and approved after items for shipping have been received.


Afriket sets high operational standards for all vendors joining the platform. The following actions (considered below standards), will lead to penalties:

  • Late Shipment: Late shipments resulting from receiving products late (that is, outside the two day window), will constitute a penalty.
  • Order Cancellation: All orders cancelled before item shipping as a result of vendor error will be considered out of stock and constitute a charge.  

Afriket Penalties & Charges

  • Late Shipment: $2.50 per item.
  • Order Cancellation: $5 per item.